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Panache Wellness Spa is not your typical wellness spa. We’re an intimate oasis for individuals desiring to simple relax, enjoy an exclusive lifestyle, wanting personalized services, and those that desire a retreat away from their regular environment to revive and re-energize their mind, body, and soul.

Panache Wellness Spa offer all natural spa services, aromatherapy treatments, hookah , lifestyle parties and retreats.

Bring your friends and enjoy the moment!

Ask us about Joining The Clique!

Welcomed to women and men!

Hours of Operation

Wednesday- Noon to 6pm (Walk-ins Welcomed)

Thursday thru Saturday- By Appointment

Hookah available after 4pm

Office-(202) 313-2590

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V-Steam Fever…

Dr. ChekeshaMichelle, CEO

Dr. ChekeshaMichelle, CEO


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The latest beauty trends for YOU!

Herbal Teas, Crystals, Yoni Eggs, Sage, and more……


Wellness Center

Relax, revive, and energize your mind, body, soul!


Welcome My Loves!

It’s a Clique! We’re all about Living our Best Life. We enjoy promoting great health, making time for self-care, enhancing our lifestyle, shopping luxury goods, taking memorable trips, and meeting new friends. The Clique is like one big family, that all get along!

There will never be a perfect time to be apart of a Clique, then now. Join us an enjoy living good, eating good, traveling good, building wealth and taking good care of your mind, body, and soul. In other words “We enjoy living our best life, The Clique way”!

We have SUPER FUN in The Clique! We’ve been enjoying wellness retreats, city hopping , and life style celebrations for over 5 years now. The Clique lifestyle membership boost over 300 active members and growing!

I’m sure you will find The Clique lifestyle as your extended family! As a Clique member you will enjoy exclusive events, discounts, network with other lifers, and be the first to know about the latest trends, hot spots, and have access to the Wellness Lounge at Clique member prices. Its time!

Be bold, say YES to LIFE! Join The Clique Today!

Just point and click…... O and please tell a friend as well, thank you. We enjoy sharing the good news with friends and family.

Happy Living & Welcome to The Clique!

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Hours of Operation

Sunday thru Tuesday- Closed

Wednesday - Walk Ins Only

Thursday thru Saturday- By Appointment

Hookah- Available Everyday by Request

Text: (202) 313-2590