Consign with Us!


How to Consign

Step 1: Photos- Gather your items and take as many photos as you can of each item. Email Panache Boutique with the photos, along with a description of each item. Please include purchase date as well as purchase price and condition. If an item has an authenticity card, or serial number, please include those photos as well. The more photos included help us in determining a fair price for your item and if its consignable.
Step 2: Prepare for Appointment- Panache Boutique will email you to schedule an appointment. Our appointments are only held on Monday’s. Panache Boutique only accepts new or almost new accessories, handbags and dry-cleaned items. Everything must be in great to perfect condition. We only accept high-end gently worn shoes. We are very particular about the clothes that are accepted. Upon receipt, Panache Boutique will evaluate the property to determine its authenticity and quality. Condition issues may affect the value of the item.

Terms of Consignment

Consignment Items chosen will be given the option to do a classic In-Store consignment, Auction, Website Listing, Offer-Up, and Posh-Mark, Facebook, and Instagram. This consists of a 60-day term contract that includes markdowns, promotional periods, and 60/40 share.  Panache Boutique 50%, consigner 50%. Panache Boutique may change the price at its sole discretion from time to time without promotions on its website and by other means and to offer discounts to its customers at its sole discretion.

Consigners are paid at the beginning of every month for items sold the previous month. The selling price will be reduced approximately 20% after the first 30 days. After 30 days, the item will be marked ½ of the original selling price. New consigners are responsible for dry cleaning items prior to drop off or shipping to Panache Boutique. If items are sent in or dropped off and are not cleaned, these items will not be posted for consignment, until the consigner has paid the dry-cleaning fee. If the property is damaged or lost while in Panache Boutique’s physical possession, a property sale will be deemed to have occurred. Panache Boutique will reimburse consigner in the amount of the consigners commission. This is based on the damaged or lost properties net selling price as determined solely by Panache Boutique.

If items have not sold by the end of the 60-day period, Consigner may request return of property and is responsible for responding to Panache Boutique email within the 72 hour time period to arrange pick up or delivery. If no contact is made within the 72-hour time period, the items are then property of Panache Boutique. What we do with them at that point is at our discretion. If consigner wishes to extend consignment period, they may do so upon mutual consent of both parties.

If contact is made by consigner and shipping must be arranged, the consigner has 48 hours after confirming email, to send payment for return of items. If payment is not received in the 48-hour time period, after confirming return of goods, those items are subject to become property of Panache Boutique.

What we accept for consignment

What we accept at any given time depends on our current inventory. We accept, authentic jewelry such as sterling silver, gold, diamonds, and unique limited pieces. We accept only designer, high-end , and leather handbags. We accept designer, and couture labels for clothes, and coats. We accept leather and fur items.

We accept clothes that are in season.

March-May: Spring Items Accepted

May-August: Summer Items Accepted

Sept-Oct: Fall items Accepted

Oct-February: Winter Items Accepted


We can’t sell items that are wrinkled, stained, or damaged. All clothing must be dry cleaned, and on hangers.