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D. Catlin, Host, Bonafide Travel Group

D. Catlin, Host, Bonafide Travel Group


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You don’t have to be rich to travel like a Millionaire. All it take is opening your mind, and stop living rich poor.
— Dr. Catlin, Seminar, "Stop Living Rich Poor".


Yes we’re BONAFIDE travelers, and very serious about vacationing and Getting PAID while doing so! Our philosophy is “Live Your Best Life, Fearlessly, GET PAID and be UNAPOLOGETIC about it!

We coach individuals daily exactly how to take 5 Star Vacations, earn travel $$$$, shop discounted prices from over 4000+ merchants, dine out and make money, and most of all how to be your own BOSS, Fearlessly!

The travel industry is a BILLION Dollar industry. We represent the largest Luxury Travel Agency in the world.

Curious yet? Visit me every Saturday to find out how!



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