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Herbal Foot


A refreshing herbal foot soak with a blend of essential oils, herbs, fruits and flowers. Combined with a natural exfoliant, with a hydrating rejuvenating moisturizer. This is a total relaxation self-care service.

Ask about our Herbal Teas to enjoy during your service!

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Host a V-Steam Party (2Hours)

Reserve the spa for up to 6 to 10 friends for 2 hours for a "Girls Night Out, a Birthday Party, or a Bridal Shower and enjoy V-Steams all together. Depending on theme, we provide the , Fresh Drinks, Wine, Champagne, Food or Desserts. (We also include Hookah's for an additional fee)


Bloat Busting Body Wrap



This herbal body wrap aides in a weight release program in the mid section, reduction of water retention, and revitalizes the skin tone, improving the elasticity of the skin. You will feel immediate results.


Aqua Chi (30mins)


A specialized foot bath using ion enriched water helps to remove toxins and heavy metals from your system. This cleansing act as a magnet to pull articles from your blood tissue into the water bath.   Fo best results, dedicate a total of 6 treatments. Then repeated as desired for optimum health.


V-Steam Membership

Enjoy 4 V-Steams for 25 minutes each for $29 each. Bonus 5th One Free. (Savings of $215)

  • Member Benefits:

  • Access to the Spa 7 days a week.

  • Access to Fresh Cocktail Bar and Herbal Teas.

  • Plus 10% off other spa services


Ultimate Body Wrap (60mins)


This is a natural heat therapeutic treatment which uses infrared heat energy and our proprietary mineral solution to penetrates twice as deep as other heat sources to target cellulite, and fatty cells. Benefits include: stress reduction, relaxation of body, cellulite reduction, inches loss, skin firming, pain relief of joints, and a boost in your metabolism.


V-Steam (25mins/95mins)


Our Signature V-Steam promotes a healthy vagina, regulates, periods and removes old residue from the uterus all. This steam also enhances libido, naturally moistens and tightens the vaginal canal. Our blend of essential herbs and spices will also assist with the treatment of yeast infections, bacteria infections, urinary tract infections, inflammation, and STD's.

Enjoy our Signature Hookahs and relax! Inquire with technician.


Steam Sauna Detox



This healing and relaxing treatment is a full steam body treatment. We use all natural essential oils, and herbs in the steamer to revitalize your entire system. This treatment is great for those desiring to rejuvenate their body, those wanting to eliminate, toxins and metals and need ENERGY!

Inquire about our 4 session package!